Break your Hip.
  How to Break Your Hip  
   Your lifestyle could increase your risks of having a broken hip. You want a broken hip: Here's what you do to increase your chances.
  1. Be sure to smoke cigarettes. Women who smoke have estrogen levels in the blood half that of non-smokers. A low estrogen lever increases the risk of hip fractures.
  2. Don't exercise, because exercise helps to build good strong bones--particularly weight-bearing exercise such as walking. If you must exercise just do some swimming. The isn't weight-bearing exercise and won't help your bones. There is no good treatment for osteoporosis or thinning of the bones. Prevention is the only treatment and that is primarily exercise.
  3. During your adolescent yours be sure to keep as thin as possible by going on a stringent diet. If you are a woman and you keep your bones small by a skimpy diet and not exercise, you have a much greater chance of breaking your bones when you get past menopause.
  4. If you are a small-or thin-boned woman and if you have your ovaries removed prematurely you will very likely have a broken hip if you do not lake estrogen.
  5. Eat a very high protein diet containing lots of meat. Excess dietary protein makes you excrete more calcium in your urine and helps make a trip to the hospital with a broken hip more likely.
  6. Do get used to a high intake of mil, with a lot of calcium when you are young and then when older suddenly stop using it. Older people have difficulty adapting to low calcium when they were previously on a high intake. Stopping calcium intake helps to increase your risk of a hip fracture.
  7. If you eat foods with a very low calcium to phosphorus ratio this will help to produce a fracture. Avoid greens, eat steaks and be sure to drink lot of soft drinks. The  is very good for developing bone fractures.
  8. Drink lots of coffee and tea. Coffee and tea keep calcium from being absorbed and put you into a negative calcium balance. And even though this negative balance is slight, over a period of yours it is likely to aid in producing that hip fracture.
  9. Get your doctor to give you some medicines that will make you a little dizzy especially when you are post 60. When you get up at night you are much more likely to slip and fall and suffer a hip fracture.
  10. As you grow older, be sure to have a lot of small throw rugs on a smooth floor so you can slip and fall more easily.
  11. Drink a considerable amount of alcohol. This will reduce you calcium absorption.
  12. Take a lot of the aluminum antacids as they increase calcium excretion.
  13. Keep under a lot of stress. Women who eat while under stress may absorb as much as 30 percent less calcium.
  14. Eat a lot of salt to increase calcium excretion.

  So now you know how to break your hip. You may choose to be wise and avoid the problem.

J. A. Scharffenberg, M.S., M.P.H.  A community service of the S.D.A.

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